The Werner Kittel Archive is one if the most comprehensive art archives in Germany.

85% of the collected data concern artists: their biographies and reproductions of their work in all areas of the traditional "arts and crafts" plus film, photograhpy, comics, graffiti, architecture, design etc. - from the Middle Ages to the present time.

Within the artists' archive special aspects relating to art and often difficult to research have been integrated: data on movements, epochs, groups, colonies, portfolios, presses, magazines etc.
PDF: Table relating to these aspects ("Künstler-Archiv"); in German only
(2173 pages, 8.2 MB)

More than 450.000 artists are accessible. On more than 150.000 there is material in archival folders; more than 300.000 are additionaly within reach through extensive cross referencing through a system of code letters.

Of the 150.000 artists collected in folders, more than 61.000 have been entered into a digital register from 2005 - 2007. The following letters have been entered 100%:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G and T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

The archival folders are sorted alphabetically; "important" artists get archival boxes, the documents structured as follows:

I.a Exibition dates
I.b Essays
I.c Biography / Literature
I.d Catalogues
II Oils or Objects or Sculpture in chronological scheme according to appearance on the market or at auction, preceded by works in museums or collections
III Drawings / Watercolours - accordingly
IV Prints accordingly
V Crafts (Braque's jewellery) accordingly

The Themes-Archive, in addition to the Crafts-Departments (see below) and the Register of Firms and Institutions (see below) collects Films, Photography, Legals aspects of Art, Art in general: its themes, types (collage, print, etc.), its analysis, restoration etc.
PDF: Table relating to the theme-archives ("Themen-Archiv"); in German only
(2 pages, 76 KB)


Ceramics: sorted by countries and towns, most detailed in depth structure for Meissen

Furniture: material on more than 1.000 ébénists and cabinetmakers (largest dossier on Abraham and David Roentgen); anonymous furniture sorted by dominating decoration, material of construction or typologically
PDF: Register of cabinetmakers
(36 pages, 268 KB)

Glass: including glass artists prior to 1850; anonymous glass sorted typologically: colourless glass, cut glass, opaque glass etc.

Jewellery: anonymous jewellery sorted by epochs, countries of origin, dominating material, types or techniques

Silver: including the most important artists of the centres of production, e.g. Lamerie and Storr in London etc.; anonymous silver sorted by prominent decorative schemes: enamel, engraving, coats of arms and monograms, as well as typologically

Varia: Everything escaping the other Departments: from apothecary jars to gold boxes and tapestries etc.
PDF: Register of Varia - at present only in German
(34 pages, 184 KB)


Folders with documents, original publications and bibliographical cross references to more than 7.000 German and foreign firms and institutions relevant to design and instruction with integrated cross references to designing artists.
PDF: Register of firms and institutions (English)
(294 pages, 1.3 MB)


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