The Werner Kittel Archive is one of the most comprehensive private art archives in Germany. It contains material on 150.000 artists and more than one million original reproductions of their work.

The archive focusses on arts and antiques of the western world and includes painting, the graphic arts, sculpture, film, photography, architecture, design, glass, ceramics, furniture, silver and jewellery.

The Varia-Department documents artefacts from amulets and automobiles to (gold) boxes, tapestries and weapons (arm and armour) etc.

The Department of Firms and Institutions has data concerning more than 7.000 firms / institutions post 1880 with relevance to design so that the AEG company can be linked with Peter Behrens tea kettles. Europe and Germany are the centre of attention, but of course the Americas and Asia are given due respect, mostly in the field of modern art.

Material from the most diverse sources is incorporated: newspapers, magazines, new dictionaries, bibliographies as well as old and recent auction catalogues are regulary dissected. Special attention is granted to catalogues of art dealers and their evaluation of art, given the almost none of this material is readily available in the internet. The same goes for the catalogues of big international art fairs.

A German résumé on the activities of the Werner Kittel Archive is given in the website of the German art and museum



Werner Kittel, former auctioneer, art dealer and gallery owner, has been active as an art expert more than 25 years. The documents of his Archive also serve as proof for death-duty evaluations on art and antiques according to German legal regulations.


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